Rockman.EXE Anime Rules

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Rockman.EXE Anime Rules

Post by Bassdark25 on Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:26 pm

.:The Rockman.EXE anime rules!:.

It's very simple.

  • Post only Rockman.EXE anime related topic here. Do not post anything that does not have to do with the anime.

  • Seriously-do not even dare post topics like "Rockman.EXE sucks" or "Starforce is much more better than Rockman" we will remove them. It will be locked because it can cause flame wars and repeated incidents will have you muted. If I see a topic like that prepared to have Forte and me make your life the one you never wished for. Twisted Evil

That's all for now. Updated: 11/3/08]


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