The Rules of the Rockman.EXE Forums! [Updated 11/3/08, 75% done]

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The Rules of the Rockman.EXE Forums! [Updated 11/3/08, 75% done]

Post by Bassdark25 on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:25 pm

.:The official rules of the forums:.

1: Post topics in the right places!

  • Whenever you want to make a topic, please post it in the right forums. We don't want to see you post a anime related topic-lets say Naruto and it is in the Rockman.EXE Anime forums. That is the wrong area to post in. It should belong instead in the "Other Anime" forum.
Making the same mistake over and over again will probably have your status "muted."

2: No spamming/flame wars!

  • This means do not post insignificant things. Posting like crazy to raise your post count other than the Games and Other Randomness is considered spam. And even still, even if you post a lot in those forums, it still doesn't mean you can post insignificant things. Useless posts can be...
    Cause wrote:"Hey, I bet I can post "Battle Chip" in every single post faster than you!"
    Cause #2 wrote:"Oh yeah? You on!"

    This is considered spamming. Doing so will get you a first warning. Keep on and...
    Effect wrote:"Alright. I guess I have to mute [insert names of members involved here] until you know how to respect the forums and the community."

So I suggest you do not spam for the sake of everyone. Cool

  • No flame wars mean no harsh arguements that can cause problems to other members. Such as politics; Obama and Mcain.
    Cause wrote:"Obama is way better than Mcain. Mcain is such a sore loser and needs a life."
    Cause #2 wrote:"What? What did you say? Why the heck are you talking about Mcain that way? Obama needs a life!"
    Cause wrote:"Shut up and leave fuck!"
    This can cause serious problems and will definitely cause...
    Effect wrote:Enough! Read the rules and respect." *Mutes members*[/color]

Thus flame wars is not tolerated here, although calm arguements are fine.

3: No requesting for moderator/administrator!

  • I will choose who they will be. Do not even request if you do not even know me. Sorry but I want to give my friends a chance to see who can because a mod/admin.

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