Moderation+Administration Spots Open!

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Moderation+Administration Spots Open!

Post by Bassdark25 on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:28 pm

Yes, the spots are open. Very Happy
But those who I already know (pretty much on Youtube) are allowed to be in the chance of becoming one of the administrators. So that means those who I don't know can only have a chance of being a moderator but pm me if you really seriously want to become instead an admin and I'll see what can be done. Here is the question you have to answer to be eligible to be a mod/admin!


  • 1-Have you gotten any experience on moderation/administration?

  • 2-Are you someone who can be trusted and who doesn't betray people?

  • 3-You swear that once you become a mod/admin, you will never abuse your power and start messing up the Rockman.EXE Forums and it's members and staff?

  • 4-Do you know clearly the official rules and understand that you will never brake those rules? (A mistake or two is fine. Wink )

  • 5-Why in Forte's presence do you want to become a mod/admin?

It's very short. Please don't tell me this is too long your not even good enough to be a mod. Trust me, other forums have even longer number of questions and are much harsh than these so thank me I'm not doing that. I really hate those forums by the way. Twisted Evil

That's all for now. Thanks for taking your time reading+answering the questions! Cool


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